What are Essential Oils?

I used to think that essential oils were just smelly things for your home and because I’m not someone who believes in filing my life with toxic scents I had dismissed them. However when my friend and naturopath recommended them to me I knew there must be more to them. Since then they have absolutely changed my life. Read my story here.

Turns out when you purchase TRUE Essential oils, they are highly concentrated pure extracts from plants that are 50-70 times for powerful than herbs.  They have been used throughout history (think about Jesus being brought frankincense and myrrh) for their health benefits and affect your body on a cellular level, in a good way! You can use them not only for physical benefits but also emotional wellbeing and spiritual health also!

As someone who is very open to holistic health and inspiring wellness, it is these benefits that have drawn me to learning, reading and experimenting with using essential oils. I must admit I am now completely addicted and use them in every way possible; aromatically, topically and internally as well as making my own homemade perfumes, soaps, candles, deodorant etc with them. I use them with confidence now knowing that I am not using the toxic synthetic version of them.

Why do I LOVE doTERRA?

I created ‘Choose to Fly’ as a way to create hope and meaning for people who are struggling, as I have done, and to empower you to take charge of your own life, and in turn, choose to fly. I believe we all have a journey, and no journey is easy, we all have our ups and downs and roller coaster moments, we ALL need emotional and physical support within our lives to deal with the roller coaster ride of life.

‘Choose to Fly’ is designed to empower you to find your truth, step into your joy, and to support your wellness throughout all facets of your journey called life.

doTERRA’s Global Effort

Providing a powerful product is just the beginning. I am excited to work with a company that supports humanitarian efforts all across the globe. doTerra has partnered with Mentors International in an effort to help entrepreneurs in developing countries, CHOICE Humanitarian helping with the rebuilding efforts in Nepal, and so many more. You can find more about these partnerships and more on the doTERRA website by clicking on the our caring link.


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