Emotions are normal, healthy responses to life. Their primary function is to move us to action and help us learn. Our emotional responses are crucial to our ability to survive and make even the most basic decisions. Additionally, they impact our mind – body connection in ways that are extra ordinary, intricate, and complex. This process, in part, can be explained simply.

Based on individual perception and interpretation of life experiences, each of us builds our own unique superhighways of programmed responses. We learn from experience and our brain intentionally establishes ‘memorised’ routes for later use.
When recognisable circumstances occur, like switching on cruise control, our brain takes the wheel utilising what could be called EPS, kind of like a GPS, an emotional positioning system, or habitual pre-programmed pathways of emotional responses.

Then we have the BACK SEAT DRIVERS.
Some established emotional response routes are no longer effective and inhibit our ability to respond in new ways and can prove difficult to reprogram. Additionally, repeated use of these go – to pathways triggers the predictable release of certain chemicals. These chemical habits can be hard to break.
This is why it can feel like your emotions are running you. They’ve become your back seat driver!
Your tyres get stuck in the ruts of your well – travelled response roads and you feel like you can’t change lanes once the process has begun.

Get in the driver’s seat of your emotions with Emotional Aromatherapy – a superb and proven method for influencing chemical and emotional responses.

Aromas, or smell, have a direct route to the amygdala and limbic brain where emotions and memories are stored. Their messages cannot be blocked by the subconscious mind. Introduce essential oil aromas as new positive stimulus to interrupt old mental and emotional response patterns, and create new ones. Stimulate multiple regions of the brain, including those controlling endocrine, immune, and limbic (the emotional centre) functions. And effect, directly and profoundly, the deepest levels of the body, emotions and psyche.

AWARENESS is the first step towards change. By first acknowledging your emotional roadmaps and then identifying what essential oils best address the associated emotions, you can learn how to redirect your emotional traffic and take the wheel! I’m going to show you just how easy it can be.

Consider what emotional reactions have become your habits, the negative go to responses you want to positively redirect. Identify the emotions in this wheel and jot them down.


Once you’ve done that, identify which of the essential oil blends shown correlates to each emotion you chose. Jot these down, along with their descriptive name. Now the next step to take is to learn about each of these oils in detail.



Motivate is the oil of motivation, and is a blend of mints and citrus oils, formulated for those who need motivation and encouragement. This gorgeous blend assists those whose will has stagnated and needs to be fired into action again. Motivate fosters confidence to follow through with your creative inspirations and intentions. It imbues a warrior like spirit and will help to strengthen you to face adversities and challenges in your life.


Motivate is especially helpful in times of weariness and discouragement when are lacking energy and motivation to complete important life tasks. It is so easy to become to lethargic or discouraged in today’s world, especially when long term commitments that you didn’t plan for show up in your life. Motivate can act as a support in rediscovering and maintaining your desire to serve. It will help you to work through your feelings of floor, weariness, or hopelessness, rather than slipping into despondency or despair.


Don’t remain paralysed by your feelings, use to motivate to launch yourself in action. It will confidently reassure you that you do in fact have the courage needed to face another day.



Cheer, the uplifting blend, is the oil of cheer, and is a blend of citruses and spices including Wild Orange, Clove, Star Anise, Lemon, Myrtle, Nutmeg, and Vanilla. This blend was formulated to assist those in need of cheerfulness. For those of you who feel heavyhearted or who have been weighed down by many challenges in life, this oil is for you. Going through repeated challenges and trials over an extended period of time can have crippling effects, and may even create expectation of permanent suffering with no hope of relief.


Cheer is going to help you overcome those feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. Use Cheer to help restore your hope when you have been stretched beyond the limits of your endurance. This beautiful oil blend inspires faith that life will work out for the best despite difficulties and setbacks. It may remind you there is so much more to life than the hardship you are currently experiencing, and to just keep going until you regain your hope and joy you feel you once lost.



Passion, the Inspiring Blend, is the oil for finding your passion. This blend is specifically for those of you who are lacking inner passion. For those of you stuck in patterns of self-denial or regimentation this oil is for you. Overworking and being too serious can easily dull one’s sensitivity and emotions, and when you are burdened by a joyless sense of duty, this blend will encourage you to be more playful and spontaneous. It will teach you that there is more to living than working and obligation.


This blend may even encourage you to take appropriate risks and to confidently face your fears. So use this oil to break free from your limitations that you place on yourself. It will challenge you to use your creativity and imagination so that you can fulfil your true life’s passions. In short, when life has become a dull set of routines and obligations, Passion Oil will act as a reminder to rediscover your inner passion.



Forgive, the Renewing Blend, is the oil of Forgiving, and was formulated to assist those who desire to forgive. It is true that forgiving others actually sets one free. This blend is especially helpful to those who feel cynical or begin to expect the worst in other people. You may start to view everyone in a negative light rather than looking for the good. You may also have the tendency to feel justified in blaming others for your now personal situations and misfortunes. Forgive is going to teach you that everyone is learning and growing together. Mistakes and offences happen, but each should be met with forgiveness and kindness.


Forgive challenges you to let go of bitterness and hostilities and to embrace those around you as part of the human family. Remember the golden rule – to treat others the way they themselves would like to be treated. Forgive will remind you of this. Use this oil to free yourself by realising that others are usually doing the best they can and deserve compassion and forgiveness.


Also, I would like to add that it is not always others we need to forgive. Sometimes we actually just need to forgive ourselves. A lot of us, like myself, have the ability to forgive relentlessly no matter what the situation, but when it comes to ourselves we hold anger and bitterness towards our own soul. This is destructive and harmful and we must learn to let and forgive ourselves. I believe every human being on the planet needs this oil. We all need to forgive someone or something.



Console, the Comforting Blend, is the oil of Consolation, and is a blend of trees and flowers, formulated to assist those who are in need of emotional comfort. Console soothes emotional pain after periods of extreme stress of trauma. I like to refer to this oil as a big warm hug, because that’s what it feels like on an emotional level. This oil is amazing for anyone experiencing loss, grief, or tragedy. If you are burdened by emotional hurts, this blend can help you in releasing those emotions.


When a storm is raging in one’s heart or mind, or when there is no relief from fear, emotional pain, or high strung feelings, Console is the first step towards nourishing these emotions. It will encourage you to take the first steps toward a better path, encouraging you to seek divine intervention so you may experience the ever-present mantle of warmth, love, and consolation. Console will help you to release your burdens, and experience a serene heart and mind, guiding you towards emotional rest and calm.



Peace, the Reassuring Blend, is the oil of Peace, formulated to assist those who lack inner peace. People thrive most when they feel connected to the Divine, and soul achieve true and lasting peace through connection to this source. A lot of people try to achieve peace by controlling one’s environment and relationships, but when one is afraid, it is tempting to control others because it gives an artificial sense of order and safety.


Peace Blend is going to invite you to connect to the true source of unending peace and let go of control and excess attachments in order to experience the incredible peace that flows from the Divine. Peace will teach you that no amount of control or effort can fill the empty soul. It will remind you that only by connecting to the Divine will you cultivate lasting peace.


This blend is amazing for those who have high strung emotions or are constantly feeling run down and overwhelmed. Try applying peace blend to your heart chakra and reflex points next time you are feeling this way.




I’d like to point out that every single oil has an emotional side, even oils such as Peppermint & Lavender, and that is why I highly recommend purchasing this book;


Emotions & Essential Oils; 2017 Sixth Edition



I commonly find if that someone dislikes the scent of an oil, it is usually because they truly require it for something, whether that be emotionally or physically. In other instances, I have had people break down into absolute sobbing messes the instant they have held a bottle, and it has been quite clear that they NEED whatever it is that oil has to offer. For some people, the state they are in is so severe that their results and effects may be far more fast acting and stronger than what you may experience. Don’t let this dishearten you, trust me when I say you should be extremely appreciative you haven’t had to get to that state in the first place, and you now have tools to PREVENT that from ever happening. I always encourage my team to be open to idea of looking at Essential Oils as Health Tools, Prevention Remedies, and something they do for their future self just as much as their present self.




So use your oils wisely, don’t be afraid of them, and play play play! That’s what they’re there for 🙂


For DIY Recipes and more information on the physical benefits of the oils, here’s a link to my all time favourite Oil Bible.





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I hope you love your oils, and I hope you are choosing to fly.


xx Ashleigh Lyn

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