I believe in creating blends based on your intuition and gut instinct, however I know there are many people who find this hard to tap into. When I’m personally creating blends for myself, I intuitively select my oils based on what I’m naturally drawn to that day, or I take the time to sit, relax, close my eyes and then choose my oils energetically. If I am creating a blend for calmness for example, I will close my eyes, and repeatedly I will say ‘I am calm’, ‘I am calm’, whilst running my hand over the oils. If you feel an energetic pull then that oil needs to go into your calm blend. It may sound a bit ‘witchy’ but it this technique is yet to let me down.For those of you who don’t trust your instincts enough or find it hard to tap into your intuitive side, here are a few of my personal favourites: (All of these blends are made in 10mL roller bottles and then topped with Fractionated Coconut Oil)

8 drops LAVENDER, 5 drops MELISSA, 3 drops ROMAN CHAMOMILE

LAVENDER – is a calming oil and helps to promote feelings or relaxation, expressive emotional honesty, open communication and the feeling of being heard.

MELISSA – the oil of light, promotes feelings of enlightenment, joy, integrity, spiritual connection, contagious enthusiasm, optimism and the feeling of being liberated. This oil assists in shedding everything that is not in harmony with your inner light.

ROMAN CHAMOMILE – is another calming oil that promotes feelings of relaxation and sleep. It also assists in feelings of being purposeful, guided, peaceful, fulfilled, and assists in divine connection.

8 drops WILD ORANGE, 5 drops EUCALYPTUS, 3 drops ROSEMARY, 5 drops MYRRH, 3 drops WHITE FIR, 3 drops FRANKINCENSE, 2 drops CYPRESS, 1 drop LEMON

WILD ORANGE – is the oil of abundance. It helps to release negative emotions such as scarcity, rigidity, workaholism, low energy and feelings of being discouraged, envious or over-serious.

EUCALYPTUS – insanely good oil to use for scarcity mindset. This oil creates the desire to expand and recognise that you must take ownership of your circumstances. We create our truth, and if we can create scarcity, then surely we can create abundance too.

ROSEMARY – this oil is critical to use when wanting to shift your paradigm. It is a huge jump to go from scarcity mindset to living in abundant thinking.

MYRRH – creates feelings of safety and comfort whilst going through major changes, meanwhile soothing the soul and reminding you that you are taken care of completely.

WHITE FIR – assists in breaking poor money habits, especially the ones that have been passed down the generations. Myrrh helps to break patterns such as a lack of putting money into savings, a resistance to investing, a habit of spending more money than you earn, or even addictions such as gambling.

FRANKINCENSE – reminds the soul that you come from abundance. No human being lacks creativity, innovation and greatness. We come from greatness, and that is what we are to reflect.

CYPRESS & LEMON – both powerfully move stagnant thoughts that block you from receiving the wealth you deserve.


5 drops MELISSA, 3 drops JASMINE, 12 drops WHISPER.

MELISSA – the oil of light, promotes feelings of enlightenment, joy, integrity, spiritual connection, contagious enthusiasm, optimism and the feeling of being liberated. This oil assists in shedding everything that is not in harmony with your inner light.

JASMINE – the oil of sexual purity and balance, promotes feelings of healthy sexuality, pure intentions, innocence, healing, self – acceptance, intimacy, trust and safety. This oil will help to disperse negative feelings such as unresolved sexual trauma, resistance to sexuality and also sexual addiction.

WHISPER – the oil of femininity, is a blend specifically designed for women, however it can also be very beneficial for men. This blend promotes humility, kindness, acceptance of the feminine energy, and helps to regulate female hormones. This blend is not limited to women alone. While this blend possesses a strong feminine quality, it’s female energy is often needed by both men and women. This blend will help with negative emotions such as being unteachale, angry, irritable, or possessing a tough exterior.


(This blend is from the book ‘I am fabulous’ by Desiree Mangandog)
12 drops GRAPEFRUIT, 8 drops EUCALYPTUS, 5 drops CORIANDER, 3 drops GINGER, 2 drops CINNAMON, 1 drop LEMON, 1 drop LAVENDER, 1 drop SPEARMINT.

GRAPEFRUIT – helps you to prioritise personal needs, especially those regarding better health and personal growth.

EUCALYPTUS – also encourages you to schedule personal care on a daily basis. This oil creates a desire to get healthy emotionally, physically and spiritually.

CORIANDER – helps you to be honest with yourself. It helps you to identify your specific needs. Everyone has different things that nourish the heart.

GINGER – strengthens your spirit to take charge of your life. Most women in western society tend to take care of everyone else and never even put themselves on the list. And men aren’t exempt either. Ginger will change that. It will help you to see how important you are, and how you must put yourself first on the list.

CINNAMON – helps you to step into your power. You will claim your brilliant beauty, and see yourself as extremely valuable.

LEMON – is a purifying oil. It will dispel the internal, negative self-talk that often brings us down.

LAVENDER – helps you to clearly communicate your needs. It is the oil of communication.

SPEARMINT – inspires you to stand strong in yourself and never let anyone make you feel worthless.


I love crystals and anything with high positive energy. For this reason I love to include crystals and flowers in my blends as well. ‘I am Calm’ contains Howlite and Myosotis, ‘I am abundant’ contains Citrine crystal, calendula and jasmine flower, and ‘I am Illuminated’ contains sodalite crystal, chrysanthemum and chamomile.

What personal needs would YOU like to make a blend for? Make a comment down below and I’ll make sure to answer your questions or provide you with a blend down below or in an upcoming blog post. ?

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