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Are you a Puller? A Camper? Or a Climber?

Are you a puller? A camper? Or a climber?   I believe there are 3 types of people in life. Pullers, Campers, and Climbers.   A puller is someone who is generally negative, has closed minded views of the world and can't stand for anyone to be above them. Whether you are their family member, [...]

The Essential Oilers New Best Friend. Seriously!

I am so excited I finally got my hands on one of these! Have you guys had the pleasure of experiencing an iTOVI yet? I can’t wait to tell you everything! When these first came out I honestly thought to myself ... "Why do I need this? I have all the knowledge in my neat [...]

Essential Oils for Pets

**I am not a veterinarian. None of the recommendations in this post are meant to take place of veterinary care, especially for serious health issues** If you're a lover of essential oils like me, I know you'll be excited at the idea of using them to benefit your beloved furry ones. Because of the differences [...]

Raw Kumquat Chocolate Recipe + The Citrus Trio

RAW KUMQUAT CHOCOLATE & THE CITRUS TRIO   The Citrus Trio is a Limited Time Offer Gift Box containing 3 beautiful NEW Citrus Oils; Red Mandarin, Kumquat, and Sunny Citrus. When I first got my box I instantly fell in love with the Red Mandarin, and it quickly became my new favourite flavouring to put [...]


Emotions are normal, healthy responses to life. Their primary function is to move us to action and help us learn. Our emotional responses are crucial to our ability to survive and make even the most basic decisions. Additionally, they impact our mind - body connection in ways that are extra ordinary, intricate, and complex. This [...]


Copaiba can help soothe anxious feelings and, when taken internally, supports a healthy immune and cardiovascular system. This has got to be one of the most incredible oils has ever released. The feedback and stories I am receiving from this magnificent oil are just astounding and unbelievable. Check out the reviews at the end of [...]


My All Time Favourite Breakfast Smoothie One of my all time favourite hobbies is creating recipes out of organic, raw, delicious foods. I am especially in love with salads, smoothies and raw cakes!  ? Heaven on a plate! (or in a bowl or in a glass ? *hehe* ) ??? Down to business! This is my all time favourite [...]


THE MINDSET BEHIND SUCCESS.   ‘I want to be happy’, is what most people say when you ask them what they want to be in the future. They want to be happy. But what does it take to create that happiness??   You see . .. YOU are the ONLY problem you will ever have, [...]


I believe in creating blends based on your intuition and gut instinct, however I know there are many people who find this hard to tap into. When I’m personally creating blends for myself, I intuitively select my oils based on what I’m naturally drawn to that day, or I take the time to sit, relax, [...]