Thanks for connecting, my name is Ashleigh Lyn. I created ‘Choose to Fly’ as a way to create hope and meaning for people who are struggling, as I have done, and to empower you to take charge of your own life, and in turn, choose to fly. I believe we all have a journey, and no journey is easy, we all have our ups and downs and roller coaster moments, we ALL need emotional and physical support within our lives to deal with the roller coaster ride of life. ‘Choose to Fly’ is designed to empower you to find your truth, step into your joy, and to support your wellness throughout all facets of your journey called life.

Are you run down? Have awful health but don’t particularly know what is wrong? Do you get sick constantly or just feel constantly exhausted, low in energy and have low moods? Skin problems? Sensitive to chemicals and food? Have you been told by numerous so called ‘health professionals’ that there is nothing wrong with you? It’s all in your head?

I had all those things and more, my health was well and truly slipping away from me.. in fact I had never really experienced true health as I had health issues from when I was a baby which included severe burns to my bottom caused by my own urine because it was SO acidic. I suffered from chronic Tonsillitis and had them removed at the age of 5, was diagnosed with the most severe and aggressive case of Vitiligo ever seen in Australia at the age of 6, and that was just the beginning of my journey.

As a teenager and young adult things began to worsen. I slept through half of grade 12 and struggled to do normal daily activities like walking up the school hill. I would later find out that I was in fact suffering from glandular fever at this time, and that I believe, is when my health truly took a deep plunge into the dark mysterious abyss.

I saw possibly 4-5 health professionals, including a Naturopath, and besides this lovely lady who took a holistic approach and actually did make some progress with me, the rest of them took it in turns to inform me that I was an ‘attention seeker’ making up my symptoms, suffering from the placebo effect, literally rubbished my naturopath’s recommendations, dissed the holistic and natural alternatives that had been helping me, all whilst implying that I was  simply delusional, and that there was in fact ‘nothing wrong with me’. At this point I was so done with people accusing me of lying that I refused to see another practitioner for what would be 5 years.

During this time I was also going through an emotional roller coaster of heart break, trauma, confusion and just the simple need to ‘be seen and heard’. Shortly after leaving high school my boyfriend left me for another girl who happened to be my friend. I was devastatingly heart broken, and left feeling confused, angry and alone. Then schoolies happened, and I lost my best friend to the wrong crowd. I didn’t know where I belonged anymore, and started trying to fill the void with food, which led to me developing an eating disorder.

At the age of 18 & 1/2 I experienced something that would change my life forever. My drink was spiked, I was abducted, knocked unconscious, and taken to a place that can only be described as ‘horror movie worthy’, where I was then sexually abused. I was paralysed from the neck down and unable to move.

I am telling you this story because I think it is important to tell you how this has impacted the rest of my life, and how I began to finally, move forward.  Rape is so common in our world today, and it literally is something that has affected me in every aspect of my life, especially in my relationships. It is more shameful to be raped than it is to be a rapist, and this has to change.

From that moment on I decided that I hated the entire male species and wanted nothing to do with them ever again. I began dating females. Note that prior to this I was 100% straight and had never even looked at another woman in that way, and suddenly found myself labelling myself as 100% full blown lesbian. I hid behind this facade for years, even convincing myself that I truly was gay.

I also experienced my fair share of pretty horrible ‘friends’ during this time, with one night that ended in my drink being spiked by my very best friend. I, not knowing I had anything in my system, went swimming, and was later found on the bottom of the pool. I nearly died that night.
You can understand why at this point in my life I had very little to no trust left in people or the human race in general, and I stopped wanting to have friends all together for a while there.

I found myself in an extremely abusive relationship. This person had an anger issue when I met her, but when alcohol, drugs, lying and cheating were thrown into the mix, things got bad. I had never really been 100% happy in this relationship. It was one of those ‘when it’s good it’s great and when it’s bad it’s terrible’ type situations. By the end of this relationship I was so unhappy, broken, depressed, and extremely ill that it took absolutely everything I had in me to leave. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

Physical abuse is horrible, but emotional abuse is a lot harder to move on from. I honestly believed that I was worthless, would never be loved by anyone, was ugly, useless, a burden on my family and friends, and I honestly believed the entire world was against me. That was my reality.

I found myself in my mid twenties, living back at home with my parents, very thin and suffering from bulimia as a coping mechanism, and suddenly realising that becoming gay didn’t actually save me from anything. I had zero colour in my complexion, awful hormonal problems, constant anxiety, mood swings, no will to live, and definitely feeling unworthy of being in this world. Those who knew me during that time refer to me as looking like ‘the walking dead’, literally.

Unfortunately it was made worse by being told my symptoms were in my head, food had nothing to do with them and to take antidepressants and sleeping pills.. not just by one doctor.. but by several as well as specialists.

I was so deeply unhappy, in physical pain, in emotional hell, broke, desperate and lost.

During those 5 years I had spent so much time trying to heal myself. I had gone vegan, raw, fell completely in love with health foods, started creating my own recipes and lost more than 30kg, exercised regularly, meditated, took time off work; I felt like I had tried it all, and still I just got sicker.

It was then I finally met two holistic doctors that diagnosed me with a huge array of deficiencies, disorders, CFS, systemic candida and also organ failure. I was told ‘I’m surprised you’re alive, if we don’t act fast, you could go into a coma within the next 2 weeks and never wake up.’ To be honest, all I felt in that moment was pure relief. I had waited my entire life for somebody to just look me in the eye and acknowledge that everything was NOT okay. I cried tears of joy being told I could die, because at least somebody finally heard me, saw me, and believed me.

It was about a month later that I started to lose hope. My doctor had me on a heap of supplements, I was cleansing, eating way more than I was comfortable with, I was having 2 colonics a week and STILL I just continued to feel worse by the day.

Tears rolling down my cheeks I reached out to one of my old friends that I had lost contact with. Something compelled me to message her that night and it was then that I was introduced to what would then change my life forever; Essential Oils. It has transformed me physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially, and I share more specifically through my social media’s, blog and website.


The result of 2 years of using these incredible products has resulted in me living my healthiest, happiest, most beautiful abundant life and I am so eternally grateful to this company for not only blessing me with my health and wellbeing, but also the incredible community and friendships I have made through it. I now have a purpose; a purpose to introduce these products to the rest of the world, and to empower people with the tools and knowledge they need to transform their lives both emotionally, physically, spiritually and even financially.

Before dōTERRA I hated going out to eat. My digestive system was so bad that the second a piece of food would hit my stomach I would bloat so much I looked about 6 months pregnant and I would be in agonising pain. DigestZEN Essential Oil changed that for me.

Before dōTERRA I suffered from restless leg syndrome so much so that I almost never slept. The supplements changed that for me.

Before dōTERRA I was so riddled with anxiety and fear of the world after coming out of an abusive, alcohol and drug influenced relationship that I couldn’t even go to the petrol station on my own without having an anxiety attack and having to pep talk myself before hand. dōTERRA changed that for me. Diamond Club changed that for me.

Before dōTERRA my relationship with my body and food was so bad that I had developed a full blown eating disorder. The oils changed that for me.

Before dōTERRA I identified as a lesbian for 6 years after being so deeply traumatised by a sexual assault when I was 18, a label that deep down I knew was not mine. I didn’t even allow men in my life as friends let alone anything more. Jasmine, the oil of sexual purity and balance, changed that for me.

Before dōTERRA I never stood up for myself. I let people walk all over me and treat me as their doormat. It took some time, but dōTERRA changed that too.

You could say that dōTERRA saved my life, but it also CHANGED my life. It gave me a family, a tribe, the kind of support and love that I had only ever dreamed about. It gave me hope, not just for my health but for my financial future too. For the world. It gave me a dream and so many goals. It gave me friendships that will last a lifetime. It gave me the power to change my circumstances and it empowers me every day to change strangers lives too. It gave me EVERYTHING.

It gave me a reason to LIVE.

 I share my musings in the hopes that others can break free and empower themselves with a mixture of self love, natural remedies, sunshine, meditation, spirituality, family connection/community/social inclusion, quality food and discover what’s true and right for THEM.


My dream is a world where holistic and natural solution are the mainstream, not the alternative, and I intend to spread this message as far as I possibly can. I am fiercely passionate about creating financial freedom for myself and creating my business and income around the lifestyle I want to live. I am equally as passionate about empowering others to do the same.

I desire to build a team of passionate people who have each others backs, inspire, empower and motivate each other to grow, build, be and do better, whilst creating their healthiest, happiest and most abundant lives. I aim to empower men and women all over the world with the knowledge and education to transform their lives with natural solutions.

I believe in stepping into our highest potentials, inspiring and awakening the hearts of others to do the same, and ultimately creating a better world whilst
rewarding ourselves richly with friendship, love, happiness and abundance in all areas of our lives.

If you are ready to step into your highest potential, your healthiest self or simply don’t know where to start click here,  let me help you get there.

I am creating a world for myself that is ethical, sustainable, abundant, toxin free, aligned with  integrity, freedom and prosperity. I am deeply passionate about helping others create this in their lives too.

I am a Truth Seeker, Writer, Passionate Foodie,  Wellness Advocate and a woman with a whole lot of heart and passion on a mission to change lives.

I believe we all have the choice to step into our power, to own our BS and to let our light shine bright. You cannot control what happens to you in this life, but you CAN control the way you react to it. You can let it make you cold hearted and bitter, or you can let it make you strong and resilient. You can use your deepest hurts to your advantage, and you can let your scars inspire others.

I hope you choose to fly.

xx Ash

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